02Jun05 (12:20):

Misuse of the English Language
Subway Logo This annoys me alot. The latest installment is the Subway commercials. They have a new campaign that advertizes their "Toasted Subs". But they trash the language when they say "...now you can order it two ways, Toasted and Untoasted...".

My problem here is the word UNTOASTED. You CAN NOT UN-TOAST ANYTHING!!! It's like ordering a Hamburger. If it had a name, like the various subs at Subway do (i.e.: BMT), you SHOULD say, "One BMT, toasted". That's it. If you are ordering a sub and you do NOT want it toasted, it should be "One BMT". It is an OPTION, not an item. Kinda like ordering a Whopper. You either order "One Whopper, please" or you order "One Whopper with cheese, please". But all the while, Burger King does not claim to have 2 Whopper sandwiches. The spin is they "Doubled The Menu" but that is NOT the case. If it were, they could have argued that they have thousands of subs available, as there are nearly limitless combinations of crap you can assemble any one sandwich with.