11Jun05 (16:59):

What The Fuck Happened To My Cereal?
Cap'n CrunchSo a few nights ago, I was hungry for a bowl of one of my all time favorites, Cap'n Crunch w/Crunch Berries. Cool. Well, I kinda was having that feeling a few days before that, so I had some in the cabinet. I went down stairs and made a bowl. What the fuck! My milk is a DARK BLUE color and this tastes like food coloring! Why do they fuck with the staples? Cap'n Crunch has been around forever! So.. I calm down, and toss the bowl. But last night, I decided that perhaps it is the EXTRA OTHER BERRIES that are the problem. Seems they could not do with just the original red berries... they've added at least 2 more colors. Not to mention, ALL the berries look a lot less BERRY-LIKE and more like huge colored boogers. So... Trying again, I decided to manhandle my cereal and pluck ALL of the STRANGELY COLORED berries out. I figured that they were the ones creating the color in my milk and the overkill on the food coloring. But no.... the moment the milk hit the cereal, it all was fucked. Fuckers.... give me back my original cereal!!!