"SuperBob - SuperFly"

05Jul2011 (12:44):

SuperBob's SuperFly Video

The boys in SuperBob have released their FIRST music video. It's from their upcoming 3rd CD and it's "SuperFly"! Check it out!

And here is what the people are saying!


      yet another amazing song :) and the video is quite epic. diggin the fur matt? :)
      LoBunch 1 day ago

      Fuck Yeah!!!!?
      scottishbadboytracks 2 days ago

      I can't wait? for your show in greenville this month!

      littleredrobin93 1 week ago

      This song's bass is? so bad ass, it fucked up my speakers... BOOM!
      Beavis2084 1 week ago 2

      saw BOB back in 09 or 08 (its been forever. ) but it was before they changed 
their name. and i have loved their shit since. got me my pink and black bob shirt and 
an autographed cd. and got? to chill with them outside as they were packing up. awesome 
people and i would love for them to make it HUGE!!! they dont just treat you boys like you 
are famous. YOU ARE FAMOUS!
      nicki2087 1 week ago 2

      Never fail to amaze. Love my boyz and yes ill spin it? for sure

      buckyhelms1 1 week ago

      Fucking awesome!! <3? Love you guys since day one!
      collinsjoanna90 1 week ago 2


      sickysubaru 1 week ago 2

      love? it!
      schwartzydotcom 1 week ago 2

      Super? bob, why are you so awesome.
      SharpRev 2 weeks ago 2

      Very impressive dudes. The? song and video are badass!
      tsunamishijo 2 weeks ago

      your man that put together the video is top notch. seen you guys 2 or 3x in 
greenville, nc. you've? go the sound. grats on the vid.
      DanielElyRankin 2 weeks ago 2

      Thank? you very much for Sharing!!!!!

      What a way of meeting people and get to see their talent. At first was reluctant being 
on youtube, but getting to do this has brought me into the houses of some very special people. 
You are one of them. Life; isn't it wonderful!!! Keep up the good work. Have A Splendid Day!!!!

      A New Friend


      erickdircks 2 weeks ago 3

      WE LOVE? SUPERBOB!!! Video is AMAZing!
      MrElectricparK 2 weeks ago 2

      I saw Superbob in Harrisburg once. It was all i needed to hear. Bought their "rock n roll" 
album and listened to it the entire way home. I look forward to what? i expect to be a long and 
well deserved career for these guys.
      Kornkrop 2 weeks ago 2

      Almost? as talented as Fred Durst

      bigbadbonk 2 weeks ago

      Awesome!!! Cant wait for? the new album :).
      bekurz 2 weeks ago 6

      Another Flea? wannabe...
      eluap 2 weeks ago

      Killer song? guies!!! See you in Augusta or Tybee when yall are back through!!!

      strmvet 2 weeks ago

      That's? what's up.. Congratulations.
      phenylket 2 weeks ago

      Yo this is Heather from ground zero. ? This fucking kicks ass. Damn I'ma be sad 
when ya'll don't come back to GZ anymore. Anyways, epic fucking video!
      laydee6onez 2 weeks ago

      awesome guys!?
      RemyZombie 2 weeks ago

      oh my god you all knocked it out of the park. song kicks ass.after hearing that 
cant wait? to hear the hole thing
      mr04vtec 2 weeks ago

      I love love love it! I cannot wait to hear? the whole album.
      42cheffy 2 weeks ago

      oh my? god you all knocked it out of the park. song kicks ass
      mr04vtec 2 weeks ago

      I`m so glad these guys played with SCM, or I wouldn`t be? listening to this right now.

      I love it.
      ooReneeRouletteoo 2 weeks ago

      Awesome? job you guys!! When I first watched the vid I kinda expected the chick 
would morph into Scarlet or something..lol.
      jessicacobb26 2 weeks ago

      Yeeaa that is what up love the new song?
      dwdoyle83 2 weeks ago

      verybeary71 2 weeks ago

      Those are some nice? boobs ;)
      calculatorbug 2 weeks ago

      Nice job? guys!

      afranz87 2 weeks ago

      I'm lovin it! You guys Rock! It was a pleasure playing with you at Gullifty's 
in PA...and meeting all of you! Hope to? hook up again soon! Have a great 4th weekend! Mary, Dream Device

      reikimom3 2 weeks ago

      Awesome f**king video guys!? \,,/ \,,/

      JAlbert321 3 weeks ago

      Wow did not no the band has more then one album that's fucking rocking.Keep? 
it keep them good songs killer.
      freakoutofnature 3 weeks ago

      Yep, you guys are still the best damn independent band period.

      Why are we fans of Super bob? Because they prove time and again what the record 
labels don't want to hear. \m/ Talent will ALWAYS out-weigh the retarded amounts of money spent on what the machine says to? like.

      With vocals that are ridiculously fast, clearly proven again in "Superfly" and 
guitars and drums that are raunch and moving, combined with the pure raw energy you bring 
live, put simply. Yes, Super Bob is SUPERFLY. \m/
      OfficialFNRadio 3 weeks ago 23

      A-DAMN-MAZING? fellas!
      SMcGowan386 3 weeks ago

      That's what's? up, wicked!
      MistaaMikey 3 weeks ago

      Totally Rockin'... Nice touch with the TP :-)? LOL
      seangarrett100 3 weeks ago

      Fackin' Awesome!!!!?
      calculatorbug 3 weeks ago
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      Fackin'? Awesome!!!!!
      calculatorbug 3 weeks ago


      melkitten13 3 weeks ago

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