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Need a peek at the OSI Model?

Well HERE it is.

Need to load RedHat Linux 9?

red hat logo   CLICK HERE for the Redhat 9 ISO files.

What day is it? I don't know, but I have a calendar for you.

Just CLICK HERE and any calendar you need is right here!

Here is a Handy Dandy Vim reference in a HTML Page Format: CLICK HERE.

An even better one, in PDF format is also available (great for a printed desk reference).

Just CLICK HERE to get that one.

The following table summarizes the categories
of screen resolution.

Width x Height (pixels) Video Display Category
640 x 480 Standard VGA; lower setting SVGA
800 x 600 SVGA
1024 x 768 Max. SVGA and lower limit XGA
1280 x 1024 XGA
1400 x 1050 XGA
1600 x 1200 XGA

Who doesn't need a CIDR Reference Table?

CLICK HERE for the JPEG Image of it

Want a version in a MS Excel Spreadsheet? then click HERE.

Everyone needs a quick HTML Reference now and then... Click HERE to open the sheet in a full window.Click

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